Trusted Emergency Locksmith Burlington And Nearby Areas

If you get yourself locked out of your house, in the middle of a security breach, or on the brink of lock-up armageddon, you need to act as fast as possible. What you also need is a trustworthy, fast-action, and dependable locksmith services provider.


With Top Guard Locksmith Burlington’s number on your speed dial, there’d be nothing keeping you outside or stranded for up to two hours. Our specialization in emergency locksmith services has enabled us to come through for many homeowners, business managers, and vehicle owners in Burlington.

24/7 Availability

Top Guard Locksmith Burlington is like the internet of security solutions; we are always available. Regardless of the time of the day or hour of the night, our locksmiths will make sure that your request is processed and the task set executed with efficiency.


With this compact team of committed professionals by your side any day (or any night), you’ve got nothing to worry about. “Round the clock” is something we take seriously and deliver to the best of our capabilities. Trust me, our capabilities are available on different levels, so we’re prepped for anything.


Have you been locked out of your home? Is your conference room door refusing to open? Is your car lock-up giving you a headache almost in the middle of traffic? Did someone try to break into your apartment? The Q&A can be endless if we want it to, but the real gist is that Top Guard Locksmith Burlington is the best way to get locksmith assistance “whenever” you need it.

Fast Response

We are committed to not only punctuality but also consistency. Our locksmiths move much quicker and act faster when they are on an emergency task. We understand that the sooner we fix that security breach, the safer for everyone, including us. This is not the time to solicit unqualified assistance or look for the cheapest provider on Google.


Locksmith emergencies are meant to be handled immediately and professionally. Collaborating with a guesser or a proponent of the fire brigade school of thought might end up worsening the problem,


With us, there are years of experience and a litany of success stories that prove we can assist you even at odd hours. The way we are positioned and spread throughout Vaughan it will take less than an hour for the team to arrive on-site—depending on where your property is.

Quick Solutions

It’s one thing to arrive early for an emergency, and another to know what to do to salvage the situation. It takes a locksmith with professional drive, strife for excellence, and a knack for the details to know the quickest and most effective way out of the lock-up situation.


If not, everyone would help up spending all night in the yard, waiting for a locksmith miracle to happen. Top Guard Locksmith Burlington’s solutions align with industry standards and are constantly refined to serve you better. Lots of Burlington clients have taken advantage of our emergency services and commend our turnaround time.

Locksmith Near Me Guaranteed

It is our effort to ensure quality and professional locksmith service we monitor our team regularly. We’re proud to serve our community and offer a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Any work performed by our licensed locksmiths is insured, bonded and guaranteed.

Why Top Guard Locksmith Burlington?

Whether you have locked yourself out or someone has locked you in and left for a cruise around the world. Perhaps the lock on your door has broken and you cannot feel safe anymore in your own home or your untrustworthy flatmate who has just moved out refuses to bring in the key to the main door and you are looking for a lock change. Whatever the reason, you can count on our emergency locksmith to be there in 20 minutes or less, to solve your problem swiftly and with the least possible damage to your existing lock and door.


All your security problems can be solved quickly and in the most proficient manner. This is because we have the training, expertise and specialised tools to do so. Our locally run locksmith company have been working in the trade for a long time now and has faced many difficult situations that we have solved very proficiently.


We also believe that providing the best customer service and care is the best way to achieve success in a very competitive business. Thus, we come highly recommended and word of mouth has been our main way of getting business so far.


We started our locksmith business over 20+ years ago out of our love for helping people feel secure again on the premises of their homes or workplace. From a local locksmith, we have grown organically and now cover the entire capital city and its surroundings.

Check Out Some Of Our Client Reviews

Johnathan Doe

The locksmith answered the phone call immediately even on a Sunday. He also came within the estimated time. Easily identified and fixed the door lock problem. Would use him again. Thank Steve.

Johnathan Doe

A busy Sunday afternoon the tech came after making the phone call. His service was just brilliant. Everyone at the office was impressed with his efficiency. I have already recommended him to others.

Johnathan Doe

The technician helped my dad when he locked his keys inside his house. Super fast response, very professional, and persevered to recover the keys within a very short time! Great locksmith!